Train traditional Muay Thai with the only World Muay Thai Council sanctioned Muay Thai training camp in Lamai Beach, Koh Samui Thailand.


Welcome To Lamai Muay Thai Camp in Koh Samui, Thailand

Lamai Muay Thai Camp (WMC) is the oldest and most traditional Muaythai Camp on Koh Samui established since 1998. We’re officially sanctioned by the Official World MuayThai Council of Thailand.

Located in Lamai Beach, we have full English management and world champion Thai trainers and fighters offering top-class training for all levels of fighters – including kids, beginners, weight training, advanced and professional fight training.

The camp’s instruction and training regime are designed to work for everyone’s needs with onsite accommodation. Our new healthy western & Thai style cafe & restuarant – The Hub, also a fully stocked Fairtex & MTG official among other top Thai brand onsite shop.

Run under the umbrella of the World Muaythai Council, the world’s sole governing body for Muaythai, Lamai Muay Thai Camp can help you train for fun or for your next professional fight.

Private Muay Thai Training

Learn from Real Champions

Group Muay Thai Training

Group Muay Thai Training for All Levels

Professional Muay Thai Training

Train for Your First/Next Pro Fight

Muay Thai For Kids

Muay Thai Training for All Ages

Self Defense Training

Learn Effective Self Defense Techniques

Gym / Weight Training

Take Full Advantage of Our Weights Gym

World Muay Thai Council Certification Since 1998

The WMC is the authoritative body for regulating Muaythai, both in Thailand and around the world. Set up by parliament resolution, the WMC is incorporated by the Royal Thai Government and sanctioned by the Sports Authority of Thailand, working together with the highest sport authorities of all member countries around the world to regulate all aspects of the art and sport of Muaythai. The inauguration meeting was held in 1995 at an appropriate venue, the United Nation Conference Centre with representatives from 39 countries attended. Presently there are 120 member countries registered with the WMC. The Executive Board and various committees ranging from technical and rules, refereeing and judging, medical, finance, youth, women, press and public relations, business and legal; all were democratically elected.

See Membership Packages

Looking to learn and train Muay Thai in Koh Samui? Our membership packages offer flexible options for everyone from beginners to professionals in daily, weekly, and monthly packages.


Camp Philosophy

At Lamai Muay Thai Camp we believe in Family. We create the best atmosphere for our campers to train and attain personal success no matter your goals. From a “first timer” to a seasoned professional fighter, our camp provides the environment for all to learn Muay Thai and be part of our close knit Community. We find once you come, you always come back to be part of our family for a lifetime.

Lamai Muay Thai Trainers

Coach Jack

Muay Thai Trainer

Have you trained with Coach Jack @jackwmcsamui? Jack is known at Lamai Muay Thai for his fearsome training style and is a favorite trainer amongst active fighters.

A little bit about Jack's fighting background...Jack first started training Muay Thai at around 6 years old and had his first fight at 7 years old.

Currently, he has over 300 Muay Thai fights, 20 years of experience training in Muay Thai, and has fought in prestigious stadiums just as Lumpini stadium, Rajadamnern Stadium, Channel 7 and Channel 14, as well as in foreign countries such as Australia, Germany, and New Zealand.

He describes his fighting style as preferring clinching and elbows. Jack first started teaching others Muay Thai at around 23 years old, when he first arrived at Lamai Muay Thai. He has since been teaching at Lamai Muay Thai for over 9 years!

He has taught Muay Thai seminars in many foreign countries, including Switzerland, Poland, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand. His favorite type of food is spicy, southern Thai food!

Coach Dome

Muay Thai Trainer

Get to know your coaches! Have you ever trained with Lamai Muay Thai Coach Dome @dome__chaiwat? Here is a little bit of information about Coach Dome’s Muay Thai background.

Dome first started fighting when he was 11 years old and currently has over 200+ Muay Thai fights. His fighting style is "Muay Tae," kicks and teep strikes. He is also a very defensive fighter.

Dome has fought all over Thailand. While based in Bangkok, he frequently fought at Lumpini/Rajadamnern stadium as a lightweight fighter.

He has currently been teaching Muay Thai out of Lamai Muay Thai for the past 4 years and still actively fights. Many of our clients must’ve watched the entertaining coach Dome fight on Samui.

His favorite food is kua kling moo!

Coach Oh

Muay Thai Trainer

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

Coach Vorn

Muay Thai Trainer

Get to know your coaches! Meet Lamai Muay Thai Coach Vorn! Coach Vorn first started training and fighting at 10 years old.

He has over 70 fights and over 15 years of experience teaching Muay Thai. His fighting style favors kicks.

Hailing originally from Nakhon Si Tammarat in South Thailand, Coach Vorn has been teaching at Lamai Muay Thai for the past 5 years.

🥘 His favorite food is rice and spicy curry!

Coach Jane

Muay Thai Trainer

Get to know your coaches! Have you ever trained with Lamai Muay Thai Coach Jane @jane_jirapong? Here is a little bit of information about Coach Jane's Muay Thai background...

Jane first started training Muay Thai when he was 6 years old. He started fighting when he was 7 years old. Currently he has over 250+ Muay Thai fights. His fighting style is "Muay Femur," technical and evasive. You can see some of his fights on Youtube!

He stopped fighting when he was around 23 years old. It was during this time that he moved to Lamai Muay Thai to be a coach! Jane has currently been teaching Muay Thai out of Lamai Muay Thai for the past 3 years!

He favorite food is spicy southern food with curry!

Coach Puye

Muay Thai Trainer

Get to know your coaches! Have you ever trained with Lamai Muay Thai Coach Puye @kerokchai_pure? Here is a little bit of information about Coach Puye’s Muay Thai background...

Puye first started fighting when he was 7 years old and currently has over 250+ Muay Thai fights. His fighting style is "Muay Khao," knee and elbow strikes.

Puye fought in Bangkok for Petchyindee Muaythai. He has fought on multiple occasions at Lumpini/Rajadamnern stadiums and fought the likes of Rodtang early in his career.

He has currently been teaching Muay Thai out of Lamai Muay Thai for the past 3 years!

His favorite food is pad thai!

Coach Joe

Muay Thai Trainer

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth.

Coach Pi Nong

Muay Thai Trainer

Get to know your coaches! 👉 Pi Nong, also known during his fighting days as the “𝙏𝙝𝙖𝙞 𝙃𝙪𝙡𝙠” (swipe right to see a photo!), has been at Lamai Muay Thai since it’s inception 20 years ago! 😱Anyone who has ever come to Lamai Muay Thai will most likely know him!

Pi Nong first started training Muay Thai when he was 12 years old, and 3 months later had his first fight. He current has over 80+ fights. His style of fighting is forward fighting, favoring long distance strikes such as kicks. He has fought in many countries such as Australia, France, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore and has fought Muay Thai legends such as @johnwayneparr.

Graduating from university with a physical education major, Pi Nong first went to the navy, then afterwards started touring around the world teaching Muay Thai seminars with WMC founder Stephen Fox. Representing the WMC, he has taught seminars in countries such as Iran, Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, England, and South Africa! He has over 30 years of experience teaching Muay Thai.

Pi Nong has also helped prep professional fighters such as Valentina Shevchenko @bulletvalentina , Joanna Jędrzejczyk @joannajedrzejczyk, Tum Mardsua @tummardsua & Dzhabar Askerov @dzhabar_askerov while they were training out of Lamai Muay Thai.

His favorite food is Massaman Curry!

Recent Reviews

Lamai Muay Thai is an amazing Muay Thai camp with skilled trainers, top-notch facilities, and diverse training programs. They offer personalized guidance, comfortable accommodation, and are situated in a beautiful location in Koh Samui, Thailand. It's a perfect choice for anyone looking to learn or improve their Muay Thai skills.
Olivier Elzer
Olivier E.
10:52 15 Nov 23
Jessica Brody
Jessica B.
03:15 28 Oct 23
Did one day of training here recently. I was intending to do one month, however, the place was overrun with far too many people, and it was just a bit chaotic to be honest. I understand it’s because the place is popular and has a good reputation etc, but it’s just not a comfortable or suitable environment to train in, with so many people being present at the same time. Maybe it was just a one-off for it to be so busy, but I’ve joined another boxing gym in Lamai now, and it’s a much more comfortable place to train, with the same intensity as this gym.
05:52 13 Oct 23
Stayed here for a month during summer and it was fantastic. The group classes are great and cater from beginners to more advanced folks/pro fighters. The accommodation is great, it makes a big difference coming from training into a room with a working shower and aircon, not worrying about your stuff. Beds are made regularly and the laundry service is excellent - standard price on the island and really fast, clothes come back feeling nice. The gym is cleaned regularly and the PT sessions (which were invaluable) were more affordable than other places on my Thailand trip.Compared to a similar gym I visited after Lamai MT (which looked almost identical from all online information/pictures given), I cannot recommend staying here enough - from a training, comfort, and hygiene perspective. Ralph and Nikki are fantastic and will help with any issues super quickly as well.Thank you!
cameron Jp
cameron J.
21:15 01 Sep 23
I walked in and booked a day in advance (quite a lot of availabilities in the schedule of the trainers in July).I had a 1:1 with Jack, and can say as an inexperienced boxer it was a lot of fun.I’d recommend doing a class at the start of your trip and taking a few classes during your time in Thailand.I made a mistake by booking a class on my second last day but next time I’d book earlier and take multiple classes if I can.
03:36 23 Aug 23
One the best and Friendly places in Thailand that I ever been.
Dagger khanjari
Dagger K.
04:21 28 Jul 23
My son and I had had an incredible time training at Lamai Muay Thai for a week. every single person that worked there was so extremely nice and welcoming. That was such a relief because walking into a gym surrounded by professionals, it can be a bit intermediating walking in as a beginner.My trainer, Jack was fantastic. I've only been training Muay Thai for a few months, and Jack immediately picked up on the things I was doing incorrectly and explained the correct way to do it, plus the reasoning behind it, which then made it make perfect sense. One of many things that made it so great was that wasn't just indiscriminately hitting pads for an hour. Jack would work with you the first part of the session slowlybuilding and explaining the technique and building on what you had worked on the day before and then after you have a good understanding, he would then grab the pads and let you go to town, correcting you in the process. For me, that was an extremely effective way to learn. I just wish I had booked the trip longer so we could have trained more.My son loved his trainer, View. He was completely new to Muay Thai and after every session he was excited about all the things View had taught him.If you're planning on training Muay Thai while is Samui, there is no need to even consider going anywhere other than here.Hopefully we will be able to come back in the near future.Thanks Lamai!
Jason Bergstrom
Jason B.
18:44 16 Jul 23
Hola,soy un chico de Bilbao que práctico hace 10 años Kick boxing,y estuve mirando donde poder hacer un entrenamiento,la verdad es que fue un acierto,las personas muy profesionales y el trato mejor imposible 😃, totalmente recomendable, solo darles las gracias.
Juan Luis Chaparro
Juan Luis C.
05:37 16 Jul 23
What an experience. Stayed for 3 weeks and i felt like my skill level double. Great gym atmosphere, very good and hard pushing coaches.
Daniel Ryzowicz
Daniel R.
03:45 12 Jun 23
I recently decided to give Muay Thai training a try, despite not being a sporty person. I found a gym that offers group training sessions, which are available daily from Monday to Saturday. The training hours are convenient, with sessions running from 7 to 9 in the morning and 17 to 19 in the evening. The best part is that it's a drop-in format, so there's no need to book in advance or commit to a long-term membership.During the training, we went through a thorough warm-up and were shown various kicks and punches. We had the opportunity to practice these techniques with partners and trainers, and there were also sparring exercises to improve our skills. The session concluded with some intense kicks on the punch bag and stretching exercises.What impressed me the most about this gym were the trainers. They were equally motivating and demanding, which kept me, as an absolute beginner, motivated throughout the entire training. Their support and guidance were invaluable, making me feel comfortable even though I was new to Muay Thai. By the end of the session, I was completely exhausted but incredibly satisfied with my decision to attend.I want to express my gratitude to the trainers for their dedication and excellent coaching. Thanks to them, I've discovered a new passion for Muay Thai and I'm definitely planning to come back for more sessions. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner like me, I highly recommend this gym for Muay Thai training.
Richard L. Flowers
Richard L. F.
03:38 07 Jun 23
One and only. That’s all
Katarzyna Dubińska
Katarzyna D.
22:53 19 May 23
Being thankful not only shows good manners, but a simple expression of thankfulness can go a long way in relationships and communication with others. It not only enhances our own lives, but makes other people feel appreciated,I just withdraw my profit of $6,548 from my account thanks a lot ma'am Trey I now have full trust on you now,, I started with $650 you can also give a try ma'am Trey Loudis fx is real.. You can reach her now on. WhatsApp:+18643363504Email: [email protected]
Babotseng Matlhoko
Babotseng M.
13:29 19 May 23
Paweł Grzybek
Paweł G.
04:48 19 May 23
Kind and attentive staff, good individual and group trainings.
06:19 01 May 23
I had the privellage to train at LMT for 3,5 months. This gym became my second home. All the coaches, the (professional) fighters, mama Jim and Ralph make you feel welcome and at home. I never did any contact sport, everything was new for me but I was treated the same as higher level fighters. There is so much respect in the gym for everyone/every body. It's the best environment to learn Muay ThaiI started with the group classes. After 1,5 month I started to do private trainings too with Kru View, Seven and Jack. During the next months I improved a lot. The coaches pushed me to get better/stronger but also supported me when it was needed. My body changed in the way I wanted it and my mind got calmer. The atmosphere in the gym is relax, everyone is so humble, the coaches are sooo funny, but serious and strict too. The balance is just on point.I would highly recommend Lamai Muay Thai Camp to everybody... training there has been such a gift to my life, to myself. It has been the best investment in me!!I can't wait to get back to my brothers, sisters and "mum".
linda kalis
linda K.
14:50 17 Apr 23
My young boy has had the privilege of training here this past week and has loved every minute of it. The trainers have been great and everyone training there has made him feel at home. He is already pushing us to come back to Koh Samui. Many thanks to the owner and everybody else at the gym.
Randy Maloney
Randy M.
02:12 17 Apr 23
A good hardworking muaythai camp.The utilities and gear could be fresher and a lot of people comes to group training. Private clases looks really worthy and it cost 800 THB against 300 THB for group.Coach are real good Thai fighters and it looks like you'll have a good time if you stay around.
Noname Name
Noname N.
12:38 11 Apr 23
13:43 08 Apr 23
The facilities were top notch, along with attentive coaches and trainers. The atmosphere is positive, supportive, and high-energy, focusing on any level - from fighters to beginners. Everything was incredibly clean and professional.
Mark David
Mark D.
06:11 08 Apr 23
Super expérience de 2 semaines dans cette salle de Muay Thai ! Cours intenses dans une ambiance sympathique. J’ai gagné en technique et en muscles ! Profs sympas et pédagogues.
MOLLIET Véronique
16:05 04 Apr 23
Can’t recommend this place enough. It came highly recommended from my coach back in the UK and I can see why. Ralph has gone above & beyond for me and my partner since we’ve been here. I feel extremely welcomed and looked after by all of the coaches while being pushed to train harder than ever. I haven’t even left yet and I can’t wait to come back
shannon kelly
shannon K.
10:15 17 Mar 23
17:01 16 Mar 23
I had an amazing experience at Lamai. Unfortunately it was only for a week but the workouts and coaching were second to none. Ralph was extremely accommodating and a special thanks to Pure and Jack for pushing me on the pads. I would recommend this place to all levels.
Rob Duffy
Rob D.
06:11 10 Mar 23
A great welcome and workout for all at different fitness levels and trainers with amazing knowledge! Especially Vorn ! X
Dee Ivens
Dee I.
21:15 26 Feb 23
Roman Merunka
Roman M.
03:26 21 Feb 23
Absolutely wonderful experience!!!
Spirit Counsel
Spirit C.
05:37 07 Feb 23
I had a blast training here for one week. I trained in the morning (7-9am). Trainers are friendly & so is the atmosphere. Many beginners, but you’ll most likely find someone of your level and get something out of the training in any case. And if you’re a beginner, well this is the perfect place to try out Muay Thai!2 padwork rounds per session. The gym is spacious and clean (mopping after every training, which isn’t something I’ve seen done everywhere). Definitely worth checking out! ขอบคุณค่ะ to the trainers 🙏
09:58 15 Jan 23
J’ai décidé de faire une semaine au dernier moment et choisi par hasard le Lamai Muyai thai. Quelle merveilleuse expérience !! Je tiens à remercier tout le monde sans exception ( le patron, les coachs et toutes les personnes que j’ai croisé ) merci merci merci Je reviendrai bientôt et cette fois pour y rester beaucoup plus longtemps 🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️
Chapitre 2
Chapitre 2
14:52 04 Jan 23
Nice people, good Krus, liked it very much =)
Benito Cuevas Amézaga
Benito Cuevas A.
12:49 02 Jan 23
6 out of 5.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Simon Vinterskog
Simon V.
01:56 20 Dec 22
300 THB for a 2hr group session. They have one coach and multiple trainers so they are able to help out everyone during the class. Every level welcomed… would highly recommend this place even if it’s just for a great (and intense) workout 🥊
Audrey C.
Audrey C.
09:35 13 Dec 22
Анатолий Чирков
Анатолий Ч.
19:28 01 Dec 22
Really nice Muay Thai gym with great atmosphere. I took private lessons with Kru Vorn and it was utterly brilliant. Every lessons felt like being in a seminar, just better, very detailed and great focus on technique. I did not attend the group training but it looked fun from what I saw.
15:33 02 Nov 22
Good camp for training in Muay Thai, excellent teachers 🔝🔝🔝🇹🇭🖤🇮🇹
Ivan Mapelli COACH
Ivan Mapelli C.
11:09 17 Oct 22
Excellent individual training with great trainers. Been there for 14 days, and it couldn’t be better. Demanding, but you’ll learn a lot in a very friendly atmosphere. My trainer “Pure,” was excellent. I can only recommend Lamai Muay Thai.
Reto Nobs
Reto N.
12:14 15 Oct 22
best Muay Thai gym in samui☝️I’ll come back every time!
Bo Weber
Bo W.
09:32 14 Oct 22
Lamai Muaythai offers authentic no-frills Thai boxing experience on Koh Samui. You will find beginners, intermediate and professional fighters up to world champions training here. I took few days of group classes and found one of the coaches gave me very useful feedback. So I moved to a mix of private, group and self trainings which I found most efficient. The group dynamics is very friendly and welcoming. Very much recommended.
Stephan Krushev
Stephan K.
00:17 03 Oct 22
Great gym good fighters and trainers
Devon Beale
Devon B.
11:40 30 Sep 22
Very happy with my experience at L.M.T. Instructor Nong is very good at teaching and evaluating student's skills. I'll go back next time I'm in Samui.
Kenny Surrey
Kenny S.
07:33 29 Sep 22
Best gym in Samui. No doubt 🔥🔥
Kutluhan Sormagec
Kutluhan S.
23:48 27 Sep 22
Stephanie G
Stephanie G
14:10 20 Sep 22
We turned up for the 7am-9am class 300b per person. Class was absolutely amazing! Very hard work but so interesting and fun. The trainers were also great. Definitely recommend if you’re coming to Samui!
beth creese
beth C.
06:09 27 Aug 22
Le meilleur camp de Samui et des supers coachs Joe and Jack
14:35 24 Aug 22
Love the place, everything about it! Trainers, the training, the atmosphere, the location. The beach is a 5 min walk if that, massage shop next door, rooms on site, cafe.
Hassan Mirza
Hassan M.
15:58 23 Aug 22
Nous avons été à des cours d’initiation à la boxe thaï. Nous appréhendions un peu car cela fait très longtemps que nous n’avions pas fait de sport… imaginez, commencer par ce sport 😉 Franchement, nous avions passé un très bons moments. La bienveillance et la gentillesse des professeurs a fait que nous avons fait les 2h d’entraînement en ayant bien transpiré et nous sommes retournés ;)Super ambiance avec un personnel d’exception 🙂
Mathilde Norodom
Mathilde N.
13:08 22 Aug 22
Simply paradise The team at Lamai Muay Thai got me hooked. And now my Sons.Values you don’t see everywhere spread throughout the fabric of the people here and Muay Thai it’s self.Perfect for all levels, even dreamers like me.I have made life long friends and going back for 2 months again in March to make some more.Life changing and all in the best ways possible Respect to the Lamai Muay Thai familySee you soon
Christo Tofalli
Christo T.
18:06 21 Aug 22
15:56 19 Aug 22
I've been training at Lamai Muay Thai Camp for the past 20 yrs, and highly recommend this place. All the team are not only helpful and highly knowledgable, but the overall friendly 'family' feel to the gym is like no other!!
Steve Kerridge
Steve K.
13:44 19 Aug 22
Great training spot and amazing coaches
ntht Nguyen
ntht N.
05:44 06 Aug 22
Peer Rheinboldt
Peer R.
14:04 31 Jul 22
I spent some amazing weeks in Thailand Many amazing memories and experiences, one of them is Muay Thai training's at Lamaimuaythai on Koh Samui.I had the opportunity to train with Kru Vorn , an amazing man with passion, knowledge and skills that he provide on to the student. 💪🏻🔥As Terminator said, "I'll be back"
tomasz pałaniuk
tomasz P.
20:03 23 Jul 22
I spent 3 months studying the beautiful art of Muaythai both in group trainings and under the supervision of coaches Puye and Jack on private classes. Lamai Muay Thai Camp is not only a gym but also great people with excellent knowledge of training methodology as well as 1st-league fighters. The great investment for past 3 months, I will come back to you!
Jerzy Jerzy
Jerzy J.
06:57 20 Jul 22
Great location and fantastic coaching. All as knowledgeable in technique as they are in hospitality! And they make sure to push you to your limit, but are as equally patient and adaptable towards newcomers as they are with people wanting to fight! Can't recommend enough!
Andrew Heard
Andrew H.
02:00 20 Jul 22
ซุลกิปลี มะลี
ซุลกิปลี ม.
09:48 30 Jun 22
best staff, great gym, I trained here during my first stay in Thailand, and I am always happy to come back here, Ralph is a great person, always helpful - thank you for everything🙏I recommend it👍
14:16 25 Jun 22
best staff, great gym, I trained here during my first stay in Thailand, and I am always happy to come back here, Ralph is a great person, always helpful - thank you for everything🙏I recommend it👍
Sebastian Dąbrowski
Sebastian D.
14:11 25 Jun 22
I was planning to come train at the Lamai MuayThai camp but could not make it in the end.I would like to mention that Nikki has been very helpful and friendly over email. One can tell that this camp has the right mindset and passion to teach Muay Thai.
Alexandre Fourré
Alexandre F.
16:24 06 Jun 22
Ambiance familiale. Club particulièrement adapté aux débutants (même s'il accueille aussi des compétiteurs comme tous les autres camps)
Arnaud Assad
Arnaud A.
07:05 05 Jun 22
Владимир Анонимный
Владимир А.
09:11 27 May 22
Super coaches , really sabai sabai love these kru, i was here 3 years ago and the vibe is still the same, like nothing changed, all peeps come do make a connection with each other and don’t have nothing bad to say , I recommend everyone to try it
Alex Chan
Alex C.
04:09 28 Apr 22
Such great vibes, amazing atmosphere and above all the BEST coaches ! Very kind but they know how to push you to your limits with the smiles always out. And I’m a beginner. Training is intense AND so much fun at the same time ! Can’t wait to be back for a third experience. Completely hooked into Muay Thai, thanks to Lamai Muay Thai Camp that I will miss very much.
Nathalie K'ram
Nathalie K.
02:15 13 Jan 22
I have been to Lamai Muay Thai Camp three times now. I stayed at the camp my first time and it was a very pleasurable experience everyone was very helpful. All of the trainers are very knowledgeable and will readily help explain and try and help you out if you need a little extra help. All of the trainers know how to make all of your training sessions fun so that it doesn’t seem like work. I even got to see a couple of my trainers compete in pro fights which was exciting for me to see that their knowledge is firsthand that they teach to you. I would highly recommend this camp whether you want to train or even just experience the culture. Ralph and his team are the best at what they and their passion for it shines through as well.
Toosje TJ Wright Fulcher
Toosje TJ Wright F.
01:48 13 Jan 22
Lamai Muay Thai Camp is a very nice place to excercise this fantastic sport. The trainers are very skilled and nice coaches. the whole atmosphere of the room is characterized by good karma. I love the sport, the fun and the camaraderie is fantastic.. And I cant wait to come back to this team of paradise Best friends and bro's.. Thanks for everything so far..🙏❤👊
Rud Andersen
Rud A.
21:03 12 Jan 22
Spent my best years at lamai muaythai camp. The atmosphere and coaches are always on point. And the owners are who helpful and lovely. Can’t wait to go back there with my family and my students
Jason Woodham
Jason W.
17:51 12 Jan 22
This is the best place for all the muaythai fighters,professional, intermediate or even biggers,energy is positive nd the atmosphere is pumped up for training, AMAZING experience
Ashish Raman Sethi
Ashish Raman S.
10:04 09 Jan 22
Amazing camp with such great vibes atmosphere and coaches! Training is intense for those who want it to be but so much fun at the same time, never experienced so many smiles and positivity whilst people are training extremely hard! Completely hooked into muay thai thanks to lamai muay thai!
Jung Park
Jung P.
14:17 04 Nov 21
The most intense training I’ve ever had. Great techniques, great trainers, great team and an amazing gym! Every fighter who is traveling to Thailand MUST visit this gym!
Tom Rogge
Tom R.
14:04 03 Nov 21
This is the Only place for me to train in thailand and I recommend all my South African people citizens come Train here and don’t miss out and is best for fitness and or to fight for the ring or any Muaythai lovers 🙏❤️👊💪👊❤️🙏
Quentin Chong
Quentin C.
08:54 09 Aug 21
I love this place! My first ever trainings and I must admit I will miss it so much after I go back to Bangkok. Extremely friendly people, airy space, and the ability to jump to the sea after 3 minutes walk to the beach are best parts of this experiance.
Aleksandra Dahai
Aleksandra D.
16:02 13 Jun 21
Outstanding , challenging and welcoming community of Muay Thai learners, fighters, coaches. Communauté exceptionnelle, stimulante et accueillante d'apprenants, de combattants et d'entraîneurs de Muay Thai.Hervorragende, herausfordernde und einladende Gemeinschaft von Muay Thai-Lernenden, Kämpfern und Trainern.Znakomita, wymagająca i przyjazna społeczność osób uczących się Muay Thai, zawodników i trenerów.We love Lamai Muay Thai Camp!
Romy R-Steffen
Romy R.
02:58 16 Apr 21
Quality gym. Wall to wall legends around the place, and yet everyone there are cool and friendly. 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Ollie Towey
Ollie T.
21:12 04 Feb 21
Super super super super super
Muner Jihan
Muner J.
01:25 11 Sep 20
awesome gym. defo go there
Hawk Fracture Rana
Hawk Fracture R.
15:25 01 Jun 20
Molto professionali e disponibile.
Alessandro Salaris
Alessandro S.
14:02 06 Apr 20
I stayed in Lamai Muay Thai for a week. Accomodation is simple and clean, trainings are intense, twice a day where you learn and gain in cardio, techniques, sparring... from beginners to Muay Thai fighters, I was really satisfied to be a part of it. Friendly atmosphere, and great, amazing teachers to be surrounded with. I highly recommend the camp for anyone who wants to experience Thai culture and most loved sport of the country. Thank you to all the friendly and nice staff of the Café and the camp. Khap Khun Kha. 🙏🙏
Linda Nguon
Linda N.
16:16 27 Mar 20
Great place, with a strong, positive vibe. Intense trainings, big groups, but divided into beginners and more advanced and many, many coaches who control the situation. They give you a lot of tips, watch during the warm up, technique exercises and sparring constatntly giving a feedback. The accomodation in the gym very conveninent, organistaion perfect, everything on time. Despite big amounts of clients, owners stay friendly and helpful. Strongly recommend 🖤
Dorota Konieczna
Dorota K.
07:34 02 Mar 20
We had the best time at Lamai Muay Thai. The training, the people, the accommodation, the Cafe the location....everything was BRILLIANT! Our only regret is we didn’t stay for longer....but we will 100% be returning! Thank you Ralph and all the team for the best experience 🥊🙏
Emily Croxford
Emily C.
14:15 29 Feb 20
Highly recommend Lamai Muay Thai, great camp with terrific trainers and a great gym culture. Weather first time doing Muay Thai, learning the art or a professional fighter, Lamai Muay Thai, has a great atmosphere, well run and friendly vibes. Beautifully set in Koh Samui, with plenty on nearby markets, beaches and activities Koh Samui is a great place to train 🙏🏻
Jono Almond
Jono A.
09:50 23 Feb 20
Si algún español 🇪🇸🥊, quiere aprender Muay Thai en Koh Samui 🌴🌴🇹🇭,, este es el mejor campamento de las isla 🌴🌴💪💪👊👊🥊🥊🙏🙏🇹🇭🇹🇭
Jose Antonio Sanchez
Jose Antonio S.
05:11 28 Jan 20
Verry nice gym with professional trainers and big heart! The gym resturang is verry good to with lovley and helthy food to good prices.
Daniel Andersson
Daniel A.
10:18 18 Jan 20
After 4 weeks at the camp I can honestly say that this is *the* place on Koh Samui to learn Muay Thai. Came in as a newbie and can actually throw a punch now. Lost those extra kilo’s as well. Will be back!
Matthijs Vogelenzang
Matthijs V.
03:17 11 Jan 20
very good training camp and the healthy drinks and food are amazing in there restaurant and fairly priced.
Rob Herrington
Rob H.
05:15 29 Dec 19
I walked in there this morning on my own and they got me padded up and training straight away. Not intimidating at all - very friendly and welcoming. I’ve learnt lots already. Great place and for once I may come back from holiday fitter than when I left!
Joanna Scott
Joanna S.
02:59 26 Dec 19
I had an amazing experience at the camp and everyone is very friendly. It feels amazing to connet with people just with Muay Thai. The camp is very well equipped and situated in a great location, just 3 min walk from the beach and local shops. And all the kru are incredibly talented and skilled.
Lígia Dias
Lígia D.
11:09 10 Dec 19
One of the best Muay Thai gyms I have ever trained at in Thailand!
Gerard Della Porta
Gerard Della P.
05:26 09 Dec 19
Good to see other countries cultures
Gary Symonds
Gary S.
00:14 01 Dec 19
The Best ! „Bad Boy Never Die”
Sebastian Sola
Sebastian S.
05:44 18 Nov 19
Great place and Great trainers. 200% Recommend!!
Miguel A. SpainCop
Miguel A. S.
07:30 10 Nov 19
Totally recommend this gym.We trained here for 3weeks and have to say that it was amazing experience.The staff was amazing and the facilities as well.You can find it all in the camp...gym,shop,cafe and restaurant over the road.All the Kru are incredibly talented and skilled....from far this is the best place to train Muaythai.
Catalin Alexandru Rus
Catalin Alexandru R.
11:41 28 Oct 19
I had three great workouts at Lamai Muay Thai camp, so much fun and a great workout. Highly recommend this place 🙌🏼
Maryjane Campbell
Maryjane C.
09:28 22 Oct 19
Muay Thai is for all - this is definitely shown here. This Muay Thai camp is amazing and I will be coming back again. The knowledge and support you get from everyone here is top with guest coaches too and such a friendly and inviting environment that makes you want to keep coming back to train even more. You come away with more friends and an awesome experience. Couldn’t recommend this place anymore if I tried ❤️🇹🇭🤙🏻
Nicola Davison
Nicola D.
07:43 19 Oct 19
Great gym,great trainers and amazing atmosphere. For anyone thinking of training Muay Thai in Thailand this is definitely a gym to try! Catering for all levels from beginner to fighter this gym pays equal attention to all and learning and development is a priority for everyone.The staff are amazing the facility is great and it’s location could not be better.Highly recommend this gym.
Ray Jackson
Ray J.
14:26 16 Oct 19
what an amazing experience. thank you. Great facilities amazing people and trainers. Nothing is too much. The little cafe across from the gym do a great selection of nutritional food and drinks. the beach is literally a stones throw away and you are so close to the market place,restaurant and bars.I took my family with me on this trip and they loved it, made to feel part of the family. The gym accommodated us amazingly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all the amazing people that work there and the trainers for helping me and my family have a trip of a life time thank you
Liz Mar
Liz M.
06:49 16 Oct 19
Good facilities with very friendly and accommodating staff and owners. High level coaches and knowledge available. Attention to detail delivered by some of the best, without ego. Most of all, fun friendly coaches that don’t take themselves too seriously.
Dom Barnard
Dom B.
21:07 15 Oct 19
I can't go to Thailand without going to Samui and staying at the camp! I've been going there for the last 9 years and have taken my daughter (now 4years old) for the last 4 years, and it never gets old. We both love it! The owners, staff and trainers feel like family. Great training, great location, great value for money. Can't recommend it enough
Hannah Reed
Hannah R.
10:31 15 Oct 19
All the staff are extremely helpful and welcoming. If training is not your thing you can have food or drink from the cafe opposite while you take in the experience from a relaxing distance. Highly recommend you give this place a look or even give it a go.
Caroline Chynoweth
Caroline C.
06:46 20 Aug 19
Best muay thai training camp I've ever bin 2 I was very nervous on my first day and all the trainors and fighters guieded me through I learned so much more about myself as a fighter and plus a person If any1 wants quality muay thai training weather it be for fittnes or to better your fight skills and have a good quality holiday at the same time this the place to be and I'm definitely going to come back sometime
Aaron Oreilly
Aaron O.
14:04 15 Aug 19
Great training facilities and great trainers. Next to the beach and ideal for all levels.
Nadim Mea
Nadim M.
09:29 14 Aug 19
Great trainers, great people and such a nice vibe! I loved it so much and i will come back!! Thanks again 🥳
Tisalie Mombu
Tisalie M.
09:13 08 Aug 19
Lamai Muaythai Camp is the best place that i have go at Thailand and i think next time i would go again thank you so much to all the best trainer and camp owner Mr Ralph because give me a chance to train and fighting at Samui international stadium ..The accomodations is also very good and suitable for all of people and i think you can’t miss it to train at Lamai Muaythai Camp one of the best Muaythai Camp in Koh Samui 🥊🥊🥊☺️☺️I hope next time we can see again Lamai Muaythai Camp Family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻From:Gpy Ciko (MALAYSIA)
Gpy Ciko
Gpy C.
17:31 01 Aug 19
Very good training and coach's 💪🏼
Aleksandar Mlata Vukosavljevic
Aleksandar Mlata V.
14:07 30 Jul 19
Great place where you can practice Muay Thai and can feel a member of family. I’ll be back soon
Danilo Messina
Danilo M.
06:41 30 Jul 19
Perfect for the family- from 9 to 42 years👍
Karoline Osa
Karoline O.
08:32 18 Jul 19
una experiencia única y bonita con gente maravillosa compartiendo lo mismo que tú, el arte del muay thai .tengo claro que cada vez que vuelva a thailandia tengo una parada obligada a Koh samui para entrenar en lamai muay thai camp ❤🇹🇭🙏🏽
Chechu Black Panther
Chechu Black P.
07:31 11 Jul 19
Awesome training camp All trainers are top notch Dome thanks for private’s learnt a lot 👊
Paulie Collier
Paulie C.
15:50 30 Jun 19
Awesome place with awesome staff and trainers!
George Gilto
George G.
11:13 27 Jun 19
Fantastic muay thai camp with super trainers!
Great gym with very good trainers. Highly recommend to take a private session with one of the trainers.
Aaron Chng
Aaron C.
08:28 01 Jun 19
I came here in November 2018 last year and loved it. Hence I am currently here again this year May 2019.I have trained in a lot of Gyms over the years and these guys are just awesome. The Gym has an excellent atmosphere, very well structured sessions that are very challenging and everybody is so helpful you cannot ask for much better. 🥊🥊👍👍🇹🇭
Michael Peters
Michael P.
14:27 21 May 19
First time in Thailand - great time at Lamai Camp 🙂
Tomek Martyka
Tomek M.
18:49 19 May 19
The training Team was AMAZING! Always taking the time to correct the stance when needs be. Great facilities and training for all levels. s Great place to start learning or ro re-learn again. For sure the group training has best warm up ever and the 1 to 1 sessions are a must as they help win in confidence and skills.I'll miss training everyday but I'll make sure to come back next year. And the year after and after... staying at the camp made the experience the best holidays ever!thank you for helping me getting better and stronger!Une équipe brillante et un entraînement au point. Les instructeurs sont vraiment TOP et l'ambiance est géniale. À faire et refaire encore et encore!Merci à toute l'équipe.
West-indies Louis
West-indies L.
03:39 10 May 19
Great gym and awesome trainers! Will definitely go back there asap 👊🏼🔥
Fanny Jansson
Fanny J.
15:20 08 May 19
Fantastic experience with professional and friendly instructors
Tracy Wray
Tracy W.
22:13 07 May 19
Great camp, great people, fantastic trainers. Ralph has really created a fantastic environment for all types of people wanting to learn muay thai. Will be returning very soon, trust me when I say you won't want to leave once you arrive at lamai muay thai.
Aaron Messina
Aaron M.
22:28 30 Apr 19
Great facilities and coaches! Beginners are welcome, but it’s equally capable of supporting advanced and active fighters. Also they have some on-sight accommodation which really helps. Been twice!
P.D. Williams
P.D. W.
14:38 24 Apr 19
This is our third year of coming to Koh Samui for our family holiday and my second year of training at Lamai Muay Thai Camp. As a forty something mum of two, who back home as my second job I take boxercise and other aerobic classes, I was intrigued and decided to pluck up the courage to attend a morning training class last year, I was hooked, everyone was friendly and it didn’t matter that I didn’t have the fighting experience as this was all part of the training. My boys (6and 7years old) will always ask me how did your training go mum, but as yet they’re not ready to join me, but if you have young children who wish to train they are also welcomed. All pads and gloves are provided if you don’t have your own kit, and it certainly is a workout and a half🥊 We have returned again this year and our hotel is just a short walk from camp making it even easier for me to attend the early training session setting me up for the rest of my day. Highly recommended if you come and stay in Lamai 🙏
Louise Bugg
Louise B.
04:15 19 Apr 19
My son has trained here for 2 weeks now, has learnt loads and had the opportunity to train with many people from all over the world, can’t thank the coaches enough you have been Truly wonderful we already planning next trip for my boys to come training 🙂 thank u..
Terri Brassfield
Terri B.
11:40 04 Apr 19
Feels like a home away from home. Great trainers, great program, very welcoming to all. I would love to come back and earn a belt through this gym. I have learned so much in so little time. It feels amazing to connect with people just with Muay Thai. Love, dedication, sweat, and tears is defiantly in the air! I feel so honored and grateful I landed in the right spot � Now to put this magic to work ���
Kitauna Parker
Kitauna P.
01:40 31 Mar 19
A fantastic gym with top class friendly staff. Great atmosphere and brilliant place to train. My daughter Laura Linehan had a great time there and can't wait to go back next year.
Pat Linehan
Pat L.
11:00 17 Mar 19
Best Muay Thai Camp ;););)
MA Gic
14:08 12 Mar 19
Best camp,best trainers,best atmosphere during the training and in general...!!
Jr Kostas
Jr K.
18:43 07 Mar 19
Satisfied🥊Best in Samui!👍 I'm here three times😉
Karel Krumpl
Karel K.
15:46 26 Feb 19
Great trainers and a great atmosphere at the gym, looking forward to coming back
Liam Bugler
Liam B.
17:58 14 Feb 19
exiting place to enjoying live activities
Luca Calgaro
Luca C.
18:37 05 Feb 19
Great place to train fab enthusiastic staff and amazing food too
Irene Joyce
Irene J.
08:34 02 Feb 19
Totalement débutante j ai passé deux heures super intensives et super sympa avec la team du Lamai Muay Thai Camp.Je me suis régalée et cela m a donné envie de recommencer très vite!! Je vous le recommande vivement 💪🏻
Mathilde Hardouin
Mathilde H.
13:56 07 Dec 18
i came to the camp just to train and have a fight before i leave, when Ralph (tye owner) found out that i have a gum back home he helped put me on the right track to what would benefit my future career as a Muay Thai and spread the traditional sport through my country (Egypt) in its authentic for without me even asking. he guided me through the entire process, took me with him and his team to Bangkok to get Certified as a Muay Thai teacher, set up tye accommodation and took care of all the work. he was a huge support during the trip. the camp it self was all about traditional authentic Muay Thai training. i went their to train and left behind a family that i made there of Thai trainers and fellow fighters that were support throughout the entire process. i stayed there for nearly three months which was an amazing experience and definitely added so much to my knowledge. it is now a place that i call my second home and i am now planning my next trip there by the end of April. i am very grateful to Ralph, Kru Jack, and trainer Dom for their constant support while i was their. no matter how much i say i cant put into words the experience and the memories.. so much love for that place
Mohamed Abostate
Mohamed A.
18:09 24 Nov 18
Great trainers and intense workouts. Very friendly people. Already looking forward to going back
Chris Harmeling
Chris H.
14:22 08 Nov 18
i have only been here for 2 days but i already feel at home. the type of place you feel like you have a family when away
Alfi M-Kalsi
Alfi M.
06:36 28 Sep 18
"First time in Thailand, incredible trainers wonderful people"Engaging and dedicated trainers, great team of other visitors, great support. The training was unpararell to anywhere I've previously trained. I can't wait to return and would stay at the accomodation on site again, the girls on the front desk were so welcoming and helpful, I miss it already!
Lulu CM
Lulu C.
07:48 12 Jul 18
This place is really exceptional with a great atmosphere and fantastic trainers. I came for personal training sessions with Dome and loved every minute : ) Big thank you to all the staff � I hope I’ll be back some day!
Marta Szreder
Marta S.
07:50 29 Jun 18
Pure LOVE! amazing trainers!!!
Nicole Meier
Nicole M.
14:56 19 Jun 18
Top Team, top Trainer, top Boss,.. friendly service,you feel your always wellcome,...
Bernd Moos
Bernd M.
22:46 21 Apr 18
Blerta Quni
Blerta Q.
06:38 21 Apr 18
Cant recommend Ralph's camp enough. Located in the middle of a paradise, training 4 hours a day, and the most knowlegable group of trainers I've ever had the privelege of training under. I'll be back every year.
Blake Caverly
Blake C.
03:16 21 Apr 18
Thanks to Ralph Beale Lamai Muaythai for looking after the MCMA team 18 strong this year! This camp has great staff from the restaurant , reception staff and trainers joe, jack, vorn, Nong and more that interact and teach you authentic Muay Thai whilst having fun and there’s a great buzz every class wether beginner inter or advanced fighter you are catered for! In between training we also had an island tour , speed boat and snorkelling tour and lots of great recommendations for places to eat and have down time. It’s a great team building experience and we will be back in force for next year with even more people! MCMA Muay Thai South Harrow - Bushey- UK
Brian Knapp
Brian K.
18:50 20 Apr 18
Revilo Eciruam Sirrah
Revilo Eciruam S.
08:10 05 Apr 18
Best place to train for fitness, competition or to learn some skills. With people & trainers who take a genuine interest in your goals.
Ben Burrage
Ben B.
11:49 04 Apr 18
Logan Tiberi
Logan T.
11:39 04 Apr 18
Giana Ginová
Giana G.
14:03 18 Mar 18
Ive been train there for 3 weeks. Very thai style. Some of the trainers are super profesional and dedicated. The facility is well maintenend . I took some private lesson gave me lots of points to go home and work . I believe that ill come back
Eldar Navon
Eldar N.
08:24 17 Mar 18
I wanted to say it's a beautiful onemartial arts gymfor training of muay thai. . .and more!!��🖒
Lorenzo Belia
Lorenzo B.
17:40 03 Feb 18
Sohail Faisal Dar
Sohail Faisal D.
17:42 31 Jan 18
Jill Idh
Jill I.
09:32 27 Jan 18
Tony Davis
Tony D.
10:47 12 Jan 18
Dridri Deux Fois
Dridri Deux F.
07:46 06 Jan 18
Really good training, especially for newbies. I enjoyed evening class and I’m totally exhausted �
Christin Könemann
Christin K.
12:14 04 Jan 18
Alexander Dvornik
Alexander D.
12:24 28 Nov 17
I co-established a martial arts group in Canada. We have 20 schools and over 2000 members in Alberta. It has been my career for 27 years, so I have seen a lot in the Karate, Bjj and Muay Thai world and can recognize quality. I have been traveling to WMC Lamai for almost 18 years now every year for 3-4 weeks. Ralph Beale is always putting money and hard work back into improving the camp. With a mix of Billy’s Cross fit gym and detox cafe near by, there really is something for everyone here. I’m always impressed at the flexibility of the staff and trainers to challenge all ages and experience levels, from kids to adults, men, women, absolute first day beginners to advances world champion fighters. I have always valued that since there are always 10 or more Thai trainers on the mat for every class, you will always get different opinions and concepts, as each of them has their experience of hundreds of fights, and their own specialities of boxing, kicking, knees, elbow tricks, clinch and takedowns as well as outstanding pad holding skills.Made some very good long time friendships but it’s easy with a crew of such genuine staff and trainers. Even if you try other places, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to come check out WMC Lamai!
Chris Bonde
Chris B.
13:49 25 Nov 17
I came here to train (I'm at an intermediate level) on the recommendation of a friend who used to train here to prep for fights, and I'm so glad I did. Very welcoming to all, from beginners to pro-fighters. Heaps of coaches/trainers who work with you at whatever level you're at. Thank you for having me, I'll be sure to visit again some day �
Cat Mackay
Cat M.
07:01 06 Nov 17
Spent 2 weeks at the camp; living and training there and not a bad thing to say about my experience! My stay there was absolutely amazing, got picked up from the airport by the driver who waited as I was delayed by 2 hours. My accommodation was always cleaned and had everything I needed; better than most hotels there. All the staff at the camp were very welcoming, always smiling and offered their help all the time which was brilliant. The training I must say was very difficult but loved every single minute about it, I've learned soo much from there; the trainers are definitely the best around without being biased. The gym and its facilities are top notch and very clean. I loved everything about the camp and will definitely recommend WMC to anyone wanting to learn Muay Thai �
Paul Dtma Masangcay
Paul Dtma M.
00:49 30 Oct 17
Günter Scheller
Günter S.
18:00 27 Oct 17
Kanokwan Pangpond Boonsuk
Kanokwan Pangpond B.
02:51 24 Oct 17
Been training @ WMC Lamai muaythai since 2005 and just gets better and better and Ralph is handsome man and peter Boyd can spell
Steve Semtex
Steve S.
05:04 03 Oct 17
Excellent training camp highly recommend will push u to your limits
Tru Bullyz
Tru B.
03:26 03 Oct 17
Temi Victor
Temi V.
23:31 21 Sep 17
Tyrone Rothwell
Tyrone R.
13:42 16 Sep 17
Michel De Lyon
Michel De L.
23:12 14 Sep 17
Ahya Rosli
Ahya R.
10:58 31 Aug 17
Chad Wick
Chad W.
09:21 26 Aug 17
Anche se non mi allenavo da un po di tempo,mi sono trovato molto bene con Bow,fare una lesione con lui è stato veramente molto interessante. Lui si divertiva e non era minimamente stanco,io ero a pezzi! GRAZIE mille per questa splendida esperienza!
Fabio Melzi
Fabio M.
10:41 17 Aug 17
This is a great muay thai gym with fantastic trainers and the friendliest and most welcoming people. I stayed at the gym for 2 weeks in 2015 and have just been back again for a whole month. This is a place for beginners all the way through to fighters and has national teams from all over the world coming for training. The trainers are highly committed and make sure you learn proper technique. I highly recommend the private sessions as well as the technical expertise of the trainers will sharpen your skills further. The food at the on site restaurant is super delicious and offers Thai and Western cousine and fantastic breakfast. To sum it all up: I cannot imagine a friendlier people and atmosphere and more welcoming place to train in muay thai, and cannot wait to back soon with my Lamai Muay Thai Camp family.
Tanya Vera
Tanya V.
15:41 30 Jul 17
Pawel Jackiewicz
Pawel J.
06:26 29 Jul 17
Steve Marco
Steve M.
16:43 27 May 17
Saban Dogan
Saban D.
09:01 31 Mar 17
Sylwia Kaminska
Sylwia K.
06:23 27 Mar 17
Bibi Gueye
Bibi G.
14:06 15 Mar 17
Patricia Lorenz
Patricia L.
08:02 01 Mar 17
Steven Joyce
Steven J.
21:39 28 Feb 17
Vladimir Rumyantsev
Vladimir R.
20:55 28 Feb 17
Clive Newell
Clive N.
20:05 28 Feb 17
Mohammad Arif
Mohammad A.
18:15 28 Feb 17
Laz Diaz
Laz D.
17:32 28 Feb 17
Great place ..great muay Thai. .I would recommend 100%
A David Lee
A David L.
17:03 28 Feb 17
Authentic Muaythai with enthusiastic trainers. Accompanied by gruelling training sessions in clean and positive surroundings. I've been coming here since 2010 - WMC international champion.It's more than a gym, it's a place I can call home
Jarred Rothwell
Jarred R.
16:16 28 Feb 17
Adam Denes N
Adam Denes N
15:27 28 Feb 17
Reece Stocker
Reece S.
15:00 28 Feb 17
Best gym best mates best memories still going after 8 yrs ...when i actually decide to train
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan M.
14:59 28 Feb 17
Kenny Walker
Kenny W.
14:58 28 Feb 17
Ta Maling
Ta M.
14:54 28 Feb 17
Visited the camp for a month back in august 2016, being my first big trip by myself I was a little on the nervous side, but once I arrived I felt at home straight away. Everybody is there for the same reason, no egos just brilliant training. All the trainers are immense with years of experience and it shows in their teaching. Amazing place to be!
Dean William Falco Morris
Dean William Falco M.
14:13 28 Feb 17
Spent almost 4 years here 🙏 Loved it great place to train. Best location 👊💪🙏
Charlie Gillespie
Charlie G.
14:11 28 Feb 17
My No1 gym for Muaythai ���� Undisputed ��#HomeOfChampions ��
Hit Zol
Hit Z.
13:44 28 Feb 17
Tekin Dogruk
Tekin D.
13:37 28 Feb 17
Anastasia Ostapchuk
Anastasia O.
16:03 25 Feb 17
Bettina Kulcsár
Bettina K.
18:09 14 Feb 17
Thanks, it is always so nice to stay and prepare at this gym's not only a gym ...this is family and Its like coming home every time I get there ...thank you so much for the great time ���������I will definitely come back �����
Christin Fiedler
Christin F.
19:22 15 Jan 17
Monika Butkute
Monika B.
03:12 31 Dec 16
Ntht Nguyen
Ntht N.
16:08 16 Dec 16
Lucie Boyer
Lucie B.
09:15 20 Nov 16
I love this camp. Really hard training, friendly people, excellent and experienced trainers.
Gouse Basha
Gouse B.
03:23 20 Nov 16
Kru Bringel
Kru B.
23:20 19 Nov 16
I'v been around koh samui and koh phangan and visit different muay thai gyms. And I have to say that this gym is the best gym i'v been to. People are great and traines are awesome. I love this place. �
Chanthy Soy
Chanthy S.
20:58 19 Nov 16
Davide Fussani
Davide F.
18:37 19 Nov 16
Best place to stay and train in the world, one world one Muay Thai!!!
Igor Pedote Cabrita
Igor Pedote C.
17:27 19 Nov 16
Gonzalo Puca
Gonzalo P.
17:24 19 Nov 16
Jessica Foley
Jessica F.
13:04 10 Nov 16
Nick Julian
Nick J.
12:53 10 Nov 16
Edgar Amor
Edgar A.
14:00 25 Oct 16
Reiva Jungle
Reiva J.
13:00 20 Oct 16
Balázs Turcsi
Balázs T.
12:40 16 Oct 16
Gulliver Makin
Gulliver M.
01:31 17 Sep 16
Roman Pyatnitsa
Roman P.
06:28 30 Jul 16
Super camp !!! personnel dévoué et très compétent en la matière !!! j'ai adoré mon entraînement avec Bao. Je le referais sans hésiter.Je recommande très fortement ce camp.Encore merci, et vive le muay thaï !!!!
Mika Welle
Mika W.
16:26 26 Jun 16

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